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Swimming Pool Splash Pads

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Swimming Pool Splash Pads

Splash pads have become a popular means of providing children with the enjoyment of aquatic activities without the concerns and liability that come with swimming pools. The addition of a splash pad to a dry recreational area can provide an affordable alternative to a swimming pool though the pads are often added to compliment a pool as well.

A splash pad provides an environment with little to no standing water and a wide range of water play features. These recreational areas offer a space where children, parents and educators can permit children to play in the water without the concerns that surround a wading pool. The water features available for splash pads vary greatly and can be multi-generational.  A splash pad can be built to accommodate toddlers and young children with features such as surface water jets and animal sculptures or a splash pad can be designed for teens who will be attracted to a bucket that dumps 20 gallons of water all at once. The real advantage here is the ability to design a splash pad that meets your specific needs.

AB Pool Services has experience in the design process as well as installation. Contact us today to discus your options for a commercial splash pad for your community park, pool or school.



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