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Pool Resurfacing

Wet Edge Plaster

Swimming Pool Renovations is one of our specialities.  Commercial and residential swimming pools, constructed of gunite will need to be replastered when the pool chemistry has not been properly maintained over an extended peroid of time.  Applying a new cost of plaster and replacing the tile will result in providing your swimming pool with a fresh new look.  Depending on the extent of the damage to the existing plaster, the process of removing the old plaster due to delamination may be necessary.  For this process we utilize a 40,000 psi water jet to prepare the surface for a bonding coat before the new plaster is applied. 

In the project shown here, the plaster had delaminated and was removed to properly prep the surface for the new coat of plaster.  Our customer selected a Wet Edge plaster with a blend of exposed crushed quartz. This particular swimming pool is situated in a high shade area so selecting a darker finish was encouraged to help warm the pool quicker in the cooler months. In addition, all of the tile was replaced to enhance the plaster finish and the coping was replaced with travertine  coping to marry the concrete decking.  

When we are contracted to resurface a swimming pool we invest our time to evaluate the location of the pool, the surrounding environment and how the pool will be used to assist our customer in selection a finish that enhances the surrounding environment. 

If you have a swimming pool that is need of resurfacing we would love the opportunity to consult with you on the options for revitalizing your swimming pool.